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Dāryūsh Mihrjūyi

director, writer, editor, producer

Dāryūsh Mihrjūyi


In Brief

Dāriyush Mihrjūyi (born in Tehran, 8 December 1939) is an Iranian director and screenwriter. Mihrjūyi – who graduated in philosophy from UCLA in 1965-  is known as one of the founders of the Iranian New Wave Cinema. His second feature film Gāv (The Cow), (1969), is considered to be the first film of the movement. His career has been long and prolific, directing over twenty-five films in six decades. Mihrjūyi’s style and interests have evolved over his career. While his earlier works center on poverty and rural life, his recent work has shifted to urban settings with a focus on the middle-class.

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BornDecember 8, 1939
Tehran, Iran
Occupationdirector, writer, editor, producer
Spouse/PartnerFaryar Javaherian (divorced)
Vahide Mohammadi Far