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Parviz Kimiavi | Parvīz Kīmiyāvī | پرویز کیمیاوی


Parviz Kimiavi | Parvīz Kīmiyāvī | پرویز کیمیاوی

Parviz Kimiavi, born in Tehran in 1939, is a director, screenwriter, and editor. He began his filmmaking journey in France, studying at École nationale supérieure Louis-Lumière and IDHEC. Initially working as an assistant director at ORTF, he crafted his short films in France.

Returning to Iran in 1968, Kimiavi collaborated with Iranian TV, delving into experimental cinema and docudrama through a series of short films. He emerged as a key figure in Iranian New Wave cinema, directing eighteen movies since 1970 that combine documentary-style structure with fictional storytelling methods.

His acclaimed works, such as P mis̱l-i pilīkān (P Like Pelican, 1972), Mughulʹhā (Mongols, 1973), and Bāgh-i sangī (The Garden of Stones, 1976), demonstrate a unique style of filmmaking in Iranian cinema. The latter earned the prestigious Silver Bear at the 26th Berlin International Film Festival for its avant-garde form, seamlessly intertwining factual and fictional narratives. He moved to Paris in 1979 and continued making films for the Paris Educational Television. In the 1990s, he returned to Iran and produced his last feature film Īrān Sarāy-i Man Ast (Iran Is My Home, 1999), which was screened at the 17th Fajr Film Festival and won the Special Jury award. Kimiavi’s works hold a significant position in the history of 20th-century Iranian cinema, serving as evidence of his authorship and style.