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آبنبات چوبی

Lollipop | آبنبات چوبی

PersianDrama 91 min 1972

Several famous women flee from the police at night. During her escape, Shirin encounters her former fiancé, Rahbar. Shirin’s father, Morteza, and Rahbar’s uncle, are imprisoned due to involuntary manslaughter in a traffic accident. Shirin, through her friend Shohreh, becomes acquainted with a lecherous man named Jamshid, who intends to seduce her. Fariborz, the CEO of a private company, hires Shirin as a secretary. Fariborz proposes to Shirin and, after seducing her, flees. Shirin’s brother, Hamid, becomes addicted, and Shirin, through Shohreh’s intervention, has an abortion and falls into the abyss of corruption. Rahbar, having found his former fiancée after years, plans to marry her.

Aman Manteghi
Soheila Nasr
Nusratullah Kani
Rubik Mansouri
Production Company
Pars Film

Cast & Crew
Amir Suliymani, Farid Zuland, Farrukh Sajadi, Jahangir Furuhar, Jaleh Uluw, Jamshid Mashayikhi, Jamshid Mehrdad, Manuchehr Vusuq, Nuri Kasrai