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آب توبه

Water for Repentance | آب توبه

PersianDrama 94 min 1974

The residents of a neighborhood in Yazd are harassed by Ghasem, a tax collector, until Habib and Taher force Ghasem to change his ways. One night, Habib meets Shirin, a friend of Ghasem, in a notorious neighborhood and proposes that if she repents, he will marry her. Habib takes Shirin to Mashhad and entrusts his sister Maryam to Taher. Ghasem, who harbors a grudge against Taher, defames Maryam. The local baker, a witness to the incident, remains silent, and Taher marries Maryam to preserve her and his own honor. Ghasem’s henchmen spread rumors that Taher married Maryam after seducing her and imprison the baker to keep him quiet. Habib returns to Yazd seeking revenge, but the local trustees persuade him and Taher to confront each other in a traditional gym. Before the fight begins, the injured baker escapes and with Shirin’s help reaches the gym to reveal the truth. Habib and Taher chase down Ghasem and eventually hand him over to the police.

Reza Fazeli
Fereydoun Gole
Kamal Muti‘i
Muhammad Reza Fazili
Husayn Vasiqi
Production Company
Helen Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Abbas Mihrdadian, Ahmad Muini, Hengameh, Mansur Sepehrnia, Nadira, Nushafrin, Tavus, Yadullah Shirandami