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آتش جنوب

South Fire | آتش جنوب

PersianAdventure 118 min 1976

An oil well in the south becomes the prey of a fire, and American fire extinguishing experts are called to the south. They need a quantity of nitroglycerin to extinguish the fire, which must be transported to the south. Several drivers are tested so that four are selected to deliver two trucks carrying nitroglycerin to the fire extinguishing site in exchange for four hundred thousand tomans. Abbas Zabardast and his fiancée Jamileh, along with their friend Nader, are chosen after the test. A mechanic known as Gambo, an inexperienced driver and fugitive from the police, joins them by paying a bribe. Jamileh and Gambo, as assistants, swap places with the drivers. They survive numerous obstacles until a group of bandits attacks them and demands the trucks, without the cargo. A fight ensues, and Nader, during the struggle, falls from a hill onto one of the trucks and is killed. Gambo also loses his life in an accident, and eventually, Abbas and Jamileh, after dispersing the bandits, deliver the remaining truck to its destination.

Alain Brunet
Alain Brunet
Daniel Vogel
Max Monteillet
Roland Dantigny
Musa Afshar
Arsham Ghahramanyan
Production Company
Tasavir Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Ali Azad, Ali Dehghan, Esmail Shirazi, Mahmoud Tehrani, Naser Malek Motiee, Pouri Banayi, Reza Fazeli, Zabihollah Zabihpoor