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Dummy | Ādamak | آدمک

PersianDrama 99 min 1971

Babak, the son of a doctor who owns a private hospital in the city of Kashan, is indifferent to his family’s aristocratic status. Therefore, he refuses to marry Mina, the girl his mother has chosen for him. At his father’s request, he goes to Kashan to manage his father’s hospital. There, he meets a young dervish and a family whose eldest son is suffering from leukemia. Babak, who is also a doctor, takes over Mahmoud’s treatment and forms a friendly relationship with his sister Nasrin. Mahmoud, despairing of life, attempts suicide. After this incident, Babak shows even more indifference towards ongoing life, seeks refuge in nature, and engages in stone skipping with a shepherd boy.

Khosrow Haritash
Khosrow Haritash
Mustafa Alamian
Khosrow Haritash
Khosrow Haritash
Production Company
Hirita Film (Tehran-Iran)

Cast & Crew
Behrouz Behnejad, Camilla, Chini-Lak, Davud, Dawlatshahi, Diana, Farideh Sadeghian, Gurik, Jaleh Uluw, Mir Ahmad Irvanloo, Mohammad Ali Fardin, Parvin, Taji, Zari Khwushkam