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آسمان پر ستاره

The Starry Sky | آسمان پر ستاره

PersianDrama, Social 96 min 2000

Nassim, now a mature woman, reminisces about her youthful memories in the 1320s. She recalls a trip to the train station where she met Alireza, the son of a Madam Afsar from Arak. Alireza had come to spend the summer with his aunt after achieving good scores. Engineer Ehsan Kamali, Nasim’s husband and an Abadan Refinery worker, visited Tehran. He met his poet friend Mahmoud Zamani and decided to take Nasim, Alireza, and another friend to the Royal Restaurant Cafe for recreation. During their visit to the cafe, an argument between a Mr. Zamani and Dr. Moaaref, prompting them to leave. That night, government agents raided Ehsan’s home and arrested him. Unfortunately, in the chaos, Nassim, who was pregnant, suffered injuries that led to a miscarriage. Dr. Moaaref and Nasim later sought information from Timsar, who revealed Ehsan’s past involvement in anti-government activities.

Ehsan was deported to a remote desert checkpoint, where an attack occurred. Despite surviving the attack, he was taken captive by invaders, but he managed to escape and returned to Tehran. He was later targeted again by security agents, leading to his death.

Years later, Nassim shows Alireza, now a grown building engineer, the house that she lived in before. He plans to renovate the building …

Hassan Gholizade
Hassan Gholizadeh
Hassan Gholizadeh
Shirin Vahidi
Bahram Dehghanyar
Production Company
Erfan Film

Cast & Crew
Enayatallah Shafii, Farhad Aslani, Fatemeh Motamed-Arya, Majid Mozaffari, Reza Fayyazi