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The Familiar Face | چهره آشنا

PersianAdventure, Drama 61 min 1953

Parivash and Mahvash are two sisters with different temperaments. Parivash becomes acquainted with a young man named Firooz through an ill-fated friendship and becomes deviated, lost, and vagrant because of him. Mahvash marries her teacher, Behrouz, and as Parivash can’t find her way back home, she becomes increasingly corrupted. When she finally musters the courage to return home, she is old and broken, unrecognizable to her family, and is forced to return to her sorrowful life.

Hasan Kheradmand
Hasan Kheradmand
Enayatullah Famin
Production Company
Ferdosi Cinema

Cast & Crew
Abdullah Baqai, Ahmad Qadakchian, Hamid Qanbari, Haydar Saremi, Jamshid Mehrdad, Nahid sarfaraz, Parkhideh, Shahyar Qanbari