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آقای لر به شهر میرود

Mr. Lor Goes to the City | آقای لر به شهر میرود

PersianDrama, Thriller 93 min 1977

Gholi and his sister Batool live in a village. Gholi ends up in jail. Batool goes to Tehran in search of their aunt and falls into the clutches of a corrupt group led by someone named Arbabi amidst the chaos of Tehran. After being released from prison, Gholi goes to Tehran in search of his sister and gets involved with Arbabi and his group with the help of someone named Hossein Fari. Eventually, Gholi finds his sister, who has been harmed by Arbabi, and takes revenge on Mr. Arbabi for his sister.

Amir Shervan
Amir Shervan
shokrollah Rafiee
Shokrollah Rafiei
Yura Yousefi
Production Company
Tehran Film Studio

Cast & Crew
Ahmad saleki, Ali Jamshidi, Farhad Khwushbakht, Goli Zangena, Husayn Mullah-Qasimi, Kazem Rushan-Zamir, Khatereh, Mahmud Lutfi, Rafiee Madadkar, Saeed Rad, zarineh