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Unclean | آلوده

PersianDrama, Thriller 102 min 1975

Habibollah Khan (Nematollah Gorji) and his daughter Maliheh (Atousa) complain to Amir (Manouchehr Vosough) about his nephew Hashem (Yadullah Shirandami). Hashem, a close friend of Amir and delaying his marriage to Maliheh, is involved in a devious plot. Amir, engaged to marry Azar (Surayya Hekmat) and a driver for a mining company, carries the miners’ wages to the mine at the end of each month. However, Mohammad (Jalal Pishvayian) and Akbar (Akbar Esfahani), Hashem’s accomplices, steal the money en route, leading to the death of the company’s accountant. Amir flees to Isfahan and seeks Hashem’s help, who advises Mohammad and Akbar to hide. Hashem is involved with Pari (Aram), a notorious woman, leading him to not marry Maliheh. Amir distances Pari from Hashem and discovers that Azar is Pari’s sister. Through Pari, Amir finds Akbar and, under pressure, learns the truth. On the night of Hashem and Maliheh’s wedding, Amir reveals the truth and leaves Hashem. Pari is injured by Mohammad, leading to Amir’s arrest. In custody, it’s revealed that Hashem has admitted to being the main culprit. Amir promises to sell his house and repay the company’s money to secure Hashem’s release. Amir and Azar visit Pari, meeting her in her final moments of life.

Esmaeil Poorsaeid
Ahmad Najibzadeh
Reza Banki
Esmaeil Poorsaeid
Mahdi Rajaian
Production Company
Taslimi Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Akbar Esfahani, Aram, Atusa, Fazel Fallahi, Giti Forohar, Hossein Safarien, Jalal Pishvayian, Manoochehr Vossoogh, Nematollah Gorji, Surayya Hekmat, Yadullah Shirandami