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ابر مرد

Magnificent Man | ابر مرد

PersianAdventure, Crime, Drama 93 min 1974

Hossein and Reza commit murder and, with the false testimony of their partner Fakhri, send Moslem to prison. They refuse to pay Shamsi, Moslem’s wife who lives with his parents, their share of the jointly owned gambling house. Moslem, from prison, sends a letter to his old friend Karim Abadani, asking for help. Karim confronts Hossein and Reza and asks Fakhri to retract his false testimony. Hossein and Reza threaten Fakhri and injure Karim. Shamsi cares for Karim, develops feelings for him, and incurs the wrath of Moslem’s parents. To ensure her husband remains in jail, Shamsi asks Hossein to eliminate Fakhri. Reza is imprisoned following Karim’s complaint, and Hossein takes Shamsi hostage. Fakhri’s testimony frees Moslem, but his parents become suspicious of his wife; however, Fakhri clears the misunderstanding, and Moslem, with Karim’s help, rescues Shamsi. Karim and Fakhri return to Abadan, while Moslem and Shamsi start a new life.

Davood Esmaeeli
Davood Esmaeeli
Hamid Mujtahidi
Hamid Mujtahidi
Ahdieh Badiee
Arsham Qahramanian
Production Company
Tasavir Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Abbas Mukhtari, Amir Tajik, Aram, Arazu, Bahram Vatan Parast, Farhad KhanMuhammadi, Giti Forohar, Husayn Gil, Mahmud Tehrani, Naser Malik-Mutii, Nersi