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The Devil | ابلیس

PersianAction, Adventure 85 min 1990

Saeed (Khosrow Shakibaei), an airport employee involved in a spy group, shares information with his comrades. However, suspicion arises among the officers, prompting the group officials to advise Saeed to leave the country with his wife and children. Reluctantly, his wife embarks on a trip with their children. Devastating news reaches Saeed—he discovers that an American ship has targeted the plane they were supposed to be on with a missile. Consumed by guilt, Saeed spirals into a state of mental turmoil and contemplates suicide.

Meanwhile, a construction company’s cranes become the unexpected stage for a chaotic turn of events involving the group’s members. The police and the remaining group members desperately work to resolve the situation. Tragically, the group members meet their demise one by one, while Saeed himself plummets from the crane. Eventually, it is revealed that Saeed’s wife and children were never on flight 656 and were unharmed.

Ahmadreza Darvish
Ahmadreza Darvish
Tooraj Mansouri
Seyfullah Dad
Majid Entezami
Production Company
Tamasha Company

Cast & Crew
Esmaeil Soltanian, Hadi Marzban, Hooshang Tavakoli, Khosrow Shakibaee, Nadia Golchin