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اتاق یک

Room One | اتاق یک

PersianAction 93 min 1986

Colonel Ibrahim Ali Asgharlu, a paratrooper officer, is arrested by members of Koumeleh during an operation in Kurdistan. He escapes several times, but is arrested and transferred to the “room one”, which is special to keep the convicts executed, four other prisoner are kept in the room. First, there is a controversy between the colonel and the two ideological officials of the group, but then all five are approaching and with the map that Colonel is planning; They flee.

Rahim Rahimipour
Rahim Rahimipour
Nariman Piram
Samad Tavazoei
Production Company
Hedayat Film

Cast & Crew
Abdolreza Akbari, Afrashteh Samandarpour, Ahmad Nasr, Hooshang Tavakoli, Nasser Erfanian