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از کرخه تا راین

From Karkheh to Rhein | از کرخه تا راین

PersianDrama, War 93 min 1993

Saeed, who lost his sight due to chemical bombs, is sent to Germany for medical treatment alongside his fellow comrades. In Germany, his sister Leila, who has been living there with her German husband and their son Yunus, reunites with Saeed at a nursing home. A deep emotional bond develops between Saeed and Yunus. When one of Saeed’s Basiji comrades considers seeking asylum in another country, Saeed and his friends strongly protest against his decision.

While receiving medical care, Saeed’s one eye is successfully treated by skilled doctors. However, further tests reveal that he is suffering from leukemia caused by chemical gases. His wife gives birth in Iran, and despite efforts to treat him, Saeed succumbs to the illness. After his passing, his sister Leila returns to Iran, leaving behind the memories of their time together in Germany.

Ebrahim Hatamikia
Ebrahim Hatamikia
Mahmoud Kalari
Hossein Zandbaf
Majid Entezami
Production Company
Sina Film

Cast & Crew
Ali Dehkordi, Asghar Naghizade, Hans Noiman, Homa Rousta, Mehran Modiri, Mohammad Mirshahi, Sadegh Safaei