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الهه زیگورات

Ziggurat Goddess | الهه زیگورات

PersianDrama 90 min 2003

After losing his wife and child in the September 11th incident in New York, Dr. Bahram Noorayin returns to Iran to seek recuperation. He, who is running away from the city, goes to the clinic located next to Chaghazanbil. There, he hires a teenage girl named Iklima as a nurse and gradually a close relationship is formed between them. Dr. Nur Ayin gradually realizes that suspicious events are about to happen around him. One of the influential residents of that area, named Mukhtar, who is involved in underground smuggling and antiquities, buys the corpses of those who die in the hospital as a trick and by impregnating them with special medicinal substances, he sells them instead of mummies. He who can’t get the positive opinion of Dr. Noorayin to cooperate with him, threatens him every time. And finally, he wants to reach his goal by stealing the climate. Iklima escapes from their grasp, but after being captured by the free people, they kill him and turn him into a mummy. Dr. Noorayin, who is looking for the climate, finally gets into a fight with Mukhtar and is killed. Mukhtar was killed by one of his men in his hiding place.

Rahman Rezaei
Mohammad Hadi Karimi
Alireza Zarrindost
Yavar Toorang
Andre Arzoumanian
Production Company
Madar Film Organization

Cast & Crew
Habib Dehghan Nasab, Mohammad Reza Sharifinia, Shahab Hosseini