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الو الو من جو جو ام

Alo alo, I am a chick! | الو الو من جوجوام

PersianChildren min 1994

“Big lady” is determined to pass on the “magic mirror” necklace to her grandson, “Reyhan.” However, “Nimtaj Khanum,” who is the estranged daughter of the big lady, and her son, are against this idea. They conspire with two thieves, Jahangir and Abdullah, to steal the necklace.

As they attempt to escape in a car driven by “Samimi,” a children’s show doll maker, and a resident from the big lady’s house, they unintentionally carry the “Jojo” and “Mio” dolls with them. The dolls spring to life, retrieve the stolen necklace, and take charge of capturing the thieves. With the assistance of their makers, they successfully return the necklace to “Reyhan,” fulfilling the grandmother’s wish.

Marzieh Boroumand
Marzieh Boroumand
Aziz Sa'ati
Bahram Dehghan
Bahram Dehghanyar
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Arzhang Amirfazli, Hassan Rezaei, Mehdi Hashemi