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Omid | امید

English, PersianDrama, Romance 90 min 1991

Dr. Omid, a young doctor portrayed by Ali Mostafa, finds himself falling deeply in love with a remarkable young woman who shares his interests and hails from a respectable background. However, this woman carries a closely guarded secret from her past – she was raised in an orphanage. Fearing the potential consequences of revealing her past to Omid, she witnesses the heartbreaking effects it has on a friend who faced rejection after disclosing her orphanage background, plunging her into a profound depression.

Fortuitously, a compassionate philanthropist, who is one of the directors of the orphanage, encourages the young woman to confront her fears with courage and assures her of support. Unbeknownst to her, this director is Omid’s mother. When Omid eventually learns the truth, his mother vehemently opposes their relationship and discloses the young woman’s family background. Overwhelmed and frustrated, Omid’s anger leads to a tragic car accident.

In the midst of pouring rain, the young woman flees and collapses at the doorstep of a humble hut. Concerned for her well-being, Omid’s loyal friend discovers her and rushes her to the hospital. Her life dangles by a thread, on the brink of death. However, it is Omid’s voice, filled with love and remorse, that miraculously brings her back from the edge, rekindling her will to live.

Habib Kavosh
Farid Mostafavi
Tooraj Mansouri
Samad Tavazoei
Ali Rahimian
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Ali Mosafa, Farhad Mohebat, Katayoun Siyaf, Mehrdad Bakhtiari, Nasrin Moghanlou, Sima Rahmani, Sosan Salimi