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The selection | انتخاب

PersianComedy, Family 100 min 2004

Hushang Farnoosh, the manager of a travel agency, plans to start a new life by sending Rima abroad with his secretary Sudabeh. Rima, who is a computer engineer, has a brother named Rahi, who spends all his time on the computer with his friend Kian. Hushang asks Rima to choose between traveling abroad and a forced marriage. Rima, who noticed wrong and old marital relations in marriages during her friend Laden’s courtship, decides to choose her future husband herself. Using the internet and with the cooperation of her friends Laden and Shohreh, Rima is looking for a suitable man to marry. The search result is not according to Rima’s wish. At Rahi’s suggestion, Sudabeh also participates in their search as an elder. Sudabeh’s company with Rima improves the cold emotional relationship of these two people. Sudabeh gives hope to Rima, who is tired of searching, to meet another man. He is Kian, Rahi’s friend, who has been sending her romantic emails throughout the search for Rima. Rima marries Kian. Hushang lives with Sudabeh and Rahi responds positively to Laden’s love request.

Touraj Mansouri
Hadi Ashrafi
Hamed Angha
Hossein Akbarzadeh
Reza Mohajer
Ahmad Ashraf Abadi
Fardin Khalatbari
Production Company
Negin Shahr Film

Cast & Crew
Ana Nemati, Borzoo Arjmand, Fathali Oveisi, Mahaya Petrosian, Mehran Ghafourian, Negin Seddigh Guya