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اول هیکل

The Strong Man | اول هیکل

PersianComedy 96 min 1960

The story of this film is about Parvin, a singer’s daughter who works in a café with her friend, a dancer. Unfortunately, these two girls face the excessive demands of the café’s customers every night, and even worse, the café owner, who is heavily in debt from establishing the café, tries to exploit the café’s singer. Gholoum, the driver of the famous millionaire Kamran Khan, helps Parvin (and to achieve his own goal of winning another girl’s love) by introducing her as Kamran Khan’s fiancée. Parvin, unaware of Kamran Khan’s real identity, befriends him as he pretends to be a journalist after an accident, leading to a romantic relationship. The concealment of Kamran Khan’s true identity leads to a series of comical events until everything is finally revealed at the end.

Siamak Yasami
Ahmad Shamlu
Siamak Yasami
Ahmad Shirazi
Ahmad Shirazi
Majid Vafadar
Production Company
Puria Film

Cast & Crew
Abbas Mosaddeq, Abdullah, Homayoun, Naser Malek Motiee, Puran, Taghi Mohammadi, Taji Ahmadi