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Ayub | ایوب

Persian 98 min 1971

Ayoub, due to his strong beliefs and to avoid getting a bad reputation in his neighborhood, sends his brother Taher to Ahwaz to end Taher’s relationship with a cabaret singer named Shahin. However, Ayoub himself accidentally meets Shahin’s twin sister, Maryam, who has lost her memory. After a while, Maryam marries Ayoub. When Taher returns from Ahwaz, he confronts Ayoub, believing that his brother deceived him to get closer to his lover. Eventually, Maryam regains her memory, and the truth is revealed.

Fereydoun Jourak
Mahdi Amir Qasim Khani
Asadollah Malek
Production Company
Zhurak Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Ahmad Ghadakchian, Bayk Imanvirdi, Ezzatullah Moqbli, Forouzan, Giti Forouhar, Mohammad Ali Fardin, Murtaza Riyahi, Reza Beheshti, Suraya Daftari