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باد و شقایق

Wind and Anemone | باد و شقایق

PersianDrama 90 min 1997

Ramin Pertovi, a famous director and actor who lost his job in the Broadcasting Organization (IRIB) due to addiction and then serving a sentence in prison. Eight years of unemployment, he was desperate to reclaim his career. Because of his addiction, he was also rejected by his wife and only daughter, Ghazal, and decided to self-immolate. However, a suggestion from an IRIB official leads him to pursue directing a film instead. Ramin approaches Ezzatollah Entezami, who had been instrumental in his rehiring by IRIB. He proposes creating a film based on his own experiences with addiction. Despite opposition from Entezami, Ramin persists in crafting a screenplay. He attempts to reconcile with his ex-wife, seeking to reunite for the sake of their kid, but encounters hesitation from her. As Ramin gains the necessary permission to make his film, he falls back into addiction, spiraling into drug use. While reading a book on AIDS, accompanied by images of patients, he makes a shocking realization about his own health. Amid his efforts to rebuild his family with his daughter and wife, Ramin grapples with the hardships of the disease.

During a filming session at Ghazal Hesar Prison, Ramin vomits. Medical tests confirm a severe infection, and his body becomes covered in painful lesions—a clear sign of AIDS. With doctors unable to provide effective treatment, Ramin is released and brought home. Tragically, Ramin passes away alone in a room, leaving his ex-wife and daughter deeply concerned.

Ziaeddin Dorri
Ziaeddin Dorri
Ebrahim Ghafori
Fereydoun Jourak
Mehrdad Jenabi
Production Company
Hedayat Film

Cast & Crew
Anahita Dorri, Ezzatollah Entezami, Ladan Tabatabaei