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بازرس ویژه

Special Inspector | Bāzras-i vīzhah | بازرس ویژه

Persian 136 min 1981

Workers in a coal mine face oppressive conditions under their employer and mine manager. They pin their hopes on a special inspector sent by the Imperial Inspection Organization to improve their situation. However, when the inspector arrives and grasps the harsh reality, he undergoes a change in perspective, opting for a more effective approach to address the workers’ systemic struggles.

Mansour Tehrani
Mansour Tehrani
Seyed Mohammad Ghazi
Iraj Golafshan
Mansour Tehrani
Production Company
Cooperative of Film production and distribution

Cast & Crew
Abbas Mokhtari, Ali Mahzoun, Behzad Rahimkhani, Davoud Rashidi, Faramarz Gharibian, Kazem Efrandniya