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The Loser | بازنده

PersianDrama 90 min 2006

Saman, who has been a political refugee for five years, returns to the country. Tabassom, who was Saman’s fiancee before his trip, welcomes him and tells him that it is not possible to continue their relationship because he has been married for three months. Saman gets confused and his brother Bijan, who sees his condition, tries to comfort him. Saman commits suicide out of despair, but Bijan saves him. Saman goes to Hamid – Tabassom’s husband, and by reminding him of his past and emphasizing that Tabassom was forced to marry him, he asks him to divorce Tabassom, but Hamid refuses. Saman gets in Hamid’s way for various reasons and after a fight, they end up at the police station. Saman is released on bail, but he finds out that Hamid and Tabassom have gone to a villa in the north. Saman goes there at night and after a fight with Hamid, kills him and injures Tabassom, steals him. Saman somehow agrees with Tabassom to accept his words and be happy with him. With the help of his brother, he buries Hamid’s body in the forest and while his brother prepares for their departure from the country, Tabassom is arrested by the police, but escapes again and even helps Saman escape from the police. They both agree to be together until death. Their car is surrounded by agents, but they escape towards the sea.

Ghasem Jafari
Alireza Kazemipour
Rasoul Ahadi
Hamid Seifi
Mohammad Mehdi Gourangi
Production Company
Shukofa Film

Cast & Crew
Hamid Goudarzi, Hengameh Ghaziani, Majid Moshiri, Mitra Hajjar, Mohammad Reza Foroutan, Soroush Sehat