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بازی بزرگان

Adult's game | بازی بزرگان

PersianDrama, War 75 min 1990

In the wake of the Iraqi army’s invasion and occupation of a small western border town, numerous residents lose their lives, compelling the survivors to flee amidst relentless bombardment. In the midst of the chaos, an eight-year-old girl named Maryam (Rozgar Mohammad Amin) is briefly knocked unconscious. Upon regaining consciousness, she finds herself in a town now under Iraqi control. Lost and alone, Maryam makes a remarkable discovery: a newborn baby boy who has miraculously survived the harrowing events. Along her journey, she crosses paths with Yunus, a boy of about ten or eleven who has managed to survive and is actively resisting the occupation. Faced with a grave responsibility, Maryam and Yunus decide to safeguard the baby, reluctantly taking on the roles of makeshift parents. They lovingly care for the infant amidst the terrifying atmosphere that permeates the occupied city. However, their secret hideout is eventually exposed when the cries of the baby attract the attention of the enemy. The Iraqis shell their house, leading to the capture of the young girl and the baby. Fortunately, a compassionate Iraqi soldier intervenes, saving their lives and setting them free in a secure location.

Maryam, considering the baby as her own child, sets out on a journey to determine their future. Meanwhile, Yunus and the remaining town elders fall into Iraqi captivity.

Kambuzia Partovi
Kambuzia Partovi
Hossein Maleki
Varozh Karim Masihi
Mehrdad Jenabi
Production Company
Institute of Resanehaye Tasviri

Cast & Crew
Fateme Pouri, Mohammad Amin Rozgar, Rozhan Omri, Shadi Ghazipour, Younes Atashak