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The Honorables | باشرفها

PersianSocial 98 min 1972

Peyman (Peyman) and his friend Taghi (Mansour Sepehrnia) work at the café of Peyman’s father, Kazem Khan (Arman). Peyman becomes interested in a young woman named Fariba (Fariba Khatami) who lives with her mother (Loreta). Peyman and Fariba decide to marry, and he goes to Isfahan to inform his mother, who has been living there since his father left. However, Peyman loses his memory in a car accident and is separated from Fariba. Fariba, who is pregnant with Peyman’s child, reluctantly agrees to a marriage of convenience with Erfan (Jamshid Mashayekhi), who has loved her before and intends to help her. Fariba gives birth to their child, Peyman Gol Dost, and raises him in Erfan’s house, until Peyman regains his memory after another accident and begins searching for his wife and son, Pejman. Fariba, believing Peyman did not keep his promise, rejects him, but learns about Peyman’s ordeal through Erfan’s intervention. On Pejman’s birthday, Erfan divorces Fariba so she can start a new life with her husband and child.

Ghodratollah Bozorgi
Ghodratollah Bozorgi
Musa Afshar
Musa Afshar
Production Company
Iran Film

Cast & Crew
Aramais Vartan Yousefyans, Fariba Khatami, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Loreta, Mansour Sepehrnia, Peyman