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باغ های کندلوس

Candelos Gardens | باغ های کندلوس

PersianDrama 100 min 2013

Bijan (Eugene Sirousi), Ali (Ehsan Amani), and Saeed (Masoud Karamati) journey to northern Iran’s Kandalus to find the graves of late friends Kaveh (Mohammedreza Forotan) and Aban (Khazar Masoumi), who both battled cancer. As they search, the men reflect on Kaveh and Aban’s love story, ignited when they met by chance after an accident. Aban’s cancer was hidden from Kaveh, who concealed his own ailment. Azar (Behnaz Jafari) enters the picture, intended as a companion for Kaveh. The group faces trials in Kandalus, uncovering wisdom about life, death, and love. Tragically, two friends died early in the journey, leaving Saeed to recount their tale. Saeed looks forward to revisiting Kandalus’ gardens, cherishing lessons and memories gained.

Iraj Karimi
Iraj Karimi
Mohammad Reza Sokoot
Reza Shirvani
Dang Shu (credited as the Hall group)
Production Company
Orooj Film

Cast & Crew
Behnaz Jafari, Ehsan Amani, Fariba Kamran, Khazar Masoumi, Massoud Keramati, Mohammad Reza Froutan, Ozhan Sirusi, Reza Naji, Seyyed Ebrahim Emadi, Shahrukh Froutanian