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بانوی اردیبهشت

The May Lady | بانوی اردیبهشت

PersianDrama 98 min February 1, 1998 (Iran)

Forough Kia is a film-maker who got divorced from her husband many years ago and now is living with her son Maani. She decides to make a documentary about perfect mothers. In order to do so she meets many mothers to choose the perfect mother among them. She finally decides to quit making this film because of tiredness but doctor Rahbar wants her to continue. Maani is teasing her every day preventing her from marrying doctor Rahbar but she finally decides that she wants to marry him. 

Rakhshan Bani-E'temad
Rakhshan Bani-E'temad
Hossein Jafarian
Masume Shah-Nazari
Mostafa Kharaghehpoush
Ahmad Shamloo (Poem)
Production Company
Iranian Independents
Tose'eh Film Iran

Cast & Crew
Baran Kosari, Golab Adineh, Mani Kasraian, Minoo Farshchi