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بانوی کوچک

Little Lady | بانوی کوچک

PersianDrama, Romance 104 min 2001

Sara and Dara share a deep affection, yet face strong opposition from Sarah’s family regarding their marriage. In an act of defiance, they make a bold choice to escape to Mashhad, hoping for a life together. Unfortunately, their plans are thwarted as they are caught at the South Terminal. Separated and forbidden from meeting, they resort to covert communication.

Over time, Sarah’s father’s resistance softens, eventually accepting their relationship. However, he sets certain conditions before granting his approval. He withholds Sara’s inheritance and imposes a ten-day ultimatum for them to find a suitable living apartment. Faced with this challenge, they search but struggle to find a suitable place. As a solution, they introduce their friend’s apartment as their own home. Finally, they opt to begin their life together in a tent, setting up a makeshift home in a park.

Mehdi Sabbagh Zadeh
Mehdi Sabbaghzadeh
Hassan Gholizadeh
Mehdi Sabbagh Zadeh
Mehrdad Jenabi
Production Company
Shokoofa film

Cast & Crew
Ali Ghorbanzadeh, Chakameh Chamanmah, Esmail Shangale, Reza Davoudnejad