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Stuntmen | بدلکاران

PersianDrama, Social 90 min 1997

Firoz has been working in cinema for many years as a freelancer. He has been providing for his brother’s education abroad for many years. Now he, who has become a doctor, announces that he plans to travel to Iran with his fiancé and his father, who is a wealthy man. There is a problem, in all the years that Firoz’s brother has been studying, he thinks that Firoz is a famous producer and director in cinema.

Mehdi Sabbagh Zadeh
Seyed Rahim Hosseini
Farajollah Heidari
Mehdi Sabbagh Zadeh
Nasser Cheshmazar
Production Company
Firooz Film

Cast & Crew
Abbas Shabaviz, Afsaneh Bayegan, Akbar Abdi, Ebrahim Abadi, Hasan Rezaei, Jalal Mousavi