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برهنه خوشحال

The Joyful Pauper | برهنه خوشحال

PersianFamily 90 min 1957

The story begins with a cobbler, a parent of seven children, attempting suicide due to extreme poverty. A brave man rescues him and helps him, instilling a renewed sense of hope for life. On the other hand, a wealthy man discovers that his lover has given birth to his child and kicks her out of the house. The woman leaves the child by the roadside. The cobbler finds the child and takes him/her in, adding to his own family.

Azizollah Rafie
Hossein Madani
Azizollah Rafie
Azizollah Rafie
Production Company
Nader Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Abdolali Homayoun, Korosh Kooshan, Mahvash, Mohsen Mahdavi