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بندر مه آلود

The Foggy Harbour | بندر مه آلود

PersianCrime 105 min 1992

Aboud, a young Gypsy from the south, is tragically murdered in the northern part of the country. A fisherman named Torab becomes the prime suspect in the crime. As Torab attempts to leave the country through the Astara border bridge, he is detained by an intelligence officer who happens to be his son-in-law. The officer starts investigating the case in the southern region and asks Aboud’s wife to travel to the north to identify the victim.

Meanwhile, Torab is killed by a man named Reza, who turns out to be Aboud’s actual killer. Further investigations reveal that Aboud had sold his daughter to a senator many years ago. Aboud’s wife makes a decision to bring their daughter back from the senator’s custody, where she has been living with the senator’s wife.

The officer grows suspicious of Reza and sets out to capture him. However, Reza manages to escape, but he is later arrested. While in custody and injured, Reza confesses that the senator was the mastermind behind the murder. As Aboud’s daughter returns from her trip, the officer who apprehended the senator grants her a brief meeting with her husband and adopted daughter.

Amir Ghavidel
Amir Ghavidel
Asghar Abdullahi
Hasan Gholizade
Hossein Maleki
Hassan Hassandoost
Jamshid Zandi
Production Company
Novin Film

Cast & Crew
Atene Faghih Nasiri, Faramarz Gharibian, Mahbobe Bayat, Mir Mohammad Tajadod, Shamsi Fazlollahi