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بهشت پنهان

Hidden Paradise | بهشت پنهان

PersianDrama 100 min 27 December 1995

Cooper, a politician, vehemently opposes his daughter Narjes’ marriage to Alireza, an Iranian student, despite her prior name being Melika. Despite her father’s reservations, Narjes marries Alireza. Fearing for his status and position, Cooper resorts to hiring a hitman to eliminate Alireza. This assassin, named Khosro, resides in Paris with his wife Yasmin, who is afflicted with AIDS. Initially, Khosro agrees to assassinate Alireza in exchange for an American visa.

However, upon acquainting himself with Alireza, Khosro has a change of heart. In the midst of undergoing a profound psychological transformation, he abandons his lethal intent. Instead, he aids Alireza and Narjes in their escape to Iran.

Kamran Ghadakchian
Esmaeel Rahimzadeh
Hamid Kheiruddin
Farajullah Heydari
Kamran Ghadakchian
Faribourz Lachini
Production Company
Pooya Asr Film

Cast & Crew
Abolfazl Poorarab, Fatemeh Gudarzi, Hossein Falah, Samanta Schoenberg, Shahriar Parsipour