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به آهستگی

Gradually | به آهستگی

PersianDrama, Social 90 min June 3, 2015

Mahmoud (Mohammad-Reza Foroutan) is a railway welder whose job keeps him far from home and his young wife Pari (Niloofar Khoshkholgh), who has a nervous disorder that falls under the classification of a mental illness. When he learns that she has mysteriously disappeared, he is worried and asks his boss for some time off. Mahmoud returns home in the pouring rain to an empty place; his wife has taken their young daughter to stay with relatives and has fled with some money. This embarrassing situation has generated plenty of gossip in the neighborhood, especially by their landlady.

Maziar Miri
Iraj Karimi
Hasan Karimi
Maziar Miri
Mohammad Reza Darvishi
Production Company
Hedayat Film

Cast & Crew
Ahmad Saatchian, Hassan Pourshirazi, Maryam Bobani, Mohammad Reza Foroutan, Nilufar Khoshkholgh, Roya Javidnia, Shahrokh Foroutanian