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به خاطر هانیه

For Hanieh | به خاطر هانیه

PersianDrama 80 min 1994

Captain Olov goes to the sea with fourteen other men to fish, but all but the captain are caught in the sea, and the people consider him the cause of the death of their loved ones and attack him and his family, and in the meantime, the captain’s young daughter Haniyeh becomes paralyzed. The captain and his family leave Tangak and go to Bushehr…

Kiumars Poorahmad
Kiumars Pourahmad
Parviz Malekzade
Kiumars Pourahmad
Mohammad Reza Aligholi
Production Company
Islamic Propagation Organization

Cast & Crew
Abbas AAlizadeh, Ali Ghorbani, Mahvash Afsharpanah, Mehdi Faghih