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به خاطر همه چیز

For Everything | به خاطر همه چیز

PersianDrama 90 min 1990

Senobar, facing the need for money to cover her grandmother’s surgery, finds that even the modest proceeds from selling household items won’t be enough. Zinat, who supervises the production workshop where Senobar works, devises a plan, encouraged by Alia, another colleague in the workshop. They take money from the cash register with the intention of later repaying it through overtime work at night. Alia tells Senobar that she obtained the money from her mother.

As time passes, other workers become entangled in this scheme, with each person joining in, motivated by either their desire or necessity. Ultimately, Senobar becomes the last individual to be impacted by the collective sacrifice made by her friends and colleagues.

Rajab Mohammadin
Rajab Mohammadin
Ataollah Hayati
Rajab Mohammadin
Sohrab Mirsepasi
Sosan Shakerin
Production Company
Laleh Film

Cast & Crew
Eliza Johari, Fatemeh Gudarzi, Granaz Moosavi, Ima Mashhadizadeh, Mahin Amirfazli, Mandana Aslani, Zohre Saeedi