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بوی خوش زندگی

Pleasant smell of life | بوی خوش زندگی

PersianComedy 100 min 17 September 1995

“Kamal” and “Jamal” are identical twin brothers, their physical resemblance starkly contrasted by divergent spirits and morals. Jamal, employed as a hospital nurse, stumbles upon an unconscious elderly man on the street. Swiftly, he transports the old man to the hospital, rescuing him from the brink of death.

The old man’s sibling, accompanied by a duplicitous lawyer, harbors intentions for the man’s estate and substantial residence. However, the elderly man, known for his indomitable nature, forms a resolution. He opts to sell his sizable dwelling to Jamal at a nominal sum, recognizing and appreciating the compassionate act that saved his life.

Abolhassan Davoodi
Abolhassan Davoodi
Alireza Khamse
Peiman Ghasemkhani
Bahram Badakhshani
Bahram Dehghan
Keyvan Jahanshahi
Production Company
Iran Milad

Cast & Crew
Abbas Mahboob, Alireza Khamse, Amir Payor, Ebrahim Abadi, Gholamhossein Lotfi, Gohar Kheirandish, Nilufar Mahmoudi