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بید مجنون

Weeping Willow | بید مجنون

PersianDrama 95 min 2005

After years, a man regains his sight during a surgery performed abroad; And then he faces problems in life. A blind man who has lost his sight since the age of 8 finds hope to see the colors and lines of normal life again. Yusuf imagines that by finding his vision he will achieve his true self and after that he will be able to establish a proper relationship with his God, he makes a covenant with his God that if he is able to see again, he will live in the way of God and that simple life. And enrich and grow the focus he has had so far with this possibility and opportunity that will be provided to him again. But when he is in the real situation and sees the splendor of life, he trembles like a willow on his faith.

Majid Majidi
Majid Majidi
Mahmoud Kalari
Hassan Hassandust
Ahmad Pejman
Production Company
Soureh Cinema Organization

Cast & Crew
Afarin Abisi, Leila Otadi, Parviz Parastui, Roya Teymourian