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تبعیدی ها

Deportees | Tab‘īdīʹhā | تبعیدی ها

PersianDrama 101 min 1991

Borazjan Detention Center primarily holds ordinary prisoners. However, with the arrival of a group of political prisoners who were arrested during the coup d’état of August 19, 1943, a new situation unfolds. Ostovar Jalali (Majid Mirzaeian), the deputy head of the detention center, begins to harass the newly arrived prisoners by enlisting the help of some ordinary prisoners, who are troublemakers themselves. This harassment affects both political and ordinary prisoners.

Guided by a religious prisoner known as Seyed (Hadi Eslami) and a journalist named Pour Mehr (Faramarz Gharibian), a daring plan to escape from the detention center is hatched. Eventually, their efforts lead to a successful escape. However, only three individuals manage to achieve this feat…

Jahangir Jahangiri
Hossein Akbarzadeh
Hossein Pahlevan Neshan
Nosratollah Kani
Hossein Zandbaf
Majid Entezami
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Ali Barjasteh, Faramarz Gharibian, Habib Esmaeili, Hadi Eslami, Majid Mirzaeian, Mandana Aslani, Nersi Korkia