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Toranj | ترنج

PersianDrama 106 min 1986

Ahmad is a master and designer of carpets. A broker named Jacob is his enemy. When Jacob’s henchmen try to break a carpet, they unintentionally kill his wife. Ahmad seeks revenge, but Jacob’s men break his fingers. Years pass, and Ahmad’s daughter, who works in dark and dingy carpet workshops, suffers from chronic pain. Ahmad tries to fight the brokers by reviving old designs and using the experience of Tranj with brokers. Jacob and his men oppose him in Jandarmerie, but with Ahmad’s resistance and the people, they face each other.

Mohammad Reza Elami
Mohammad Reza Elami
Mehrdad Fakhimi
Mohammad Reza Elami
Babak Bayat
Production Company
Omor Cinamaei Bonyad Mostazafan va Janbazan

Cast & Crew
Ali Nasirian, Fahimeh Rastkar, Jamshid Layegh, Kamand Amir Soleimani, Khosrow Shah Karami, Parvaneh Masoumi