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تماس شیطانی

The Evil Call | تماس شیطانی

PersianCrime 88 min 1993

In the year 1320, during the occupation of Iran by the Allied forces, a Russian actress named Catherine (Katayoun Riyahi) is killed in the Atlas Theater, but the authorities refuse to investigate the incident after a preliminary inspection. The theatre director, Vesali (Majid Mozaffari), decides to pursue the matter. He discovers that Farrokh, Catherine’s estranged husband who had recently passed away, has left behind a daughter named Nafiseh (Farimah Farjami). Vesali successfully obtains Farrokh’s diary from Nafiseh, intending to deliver it to the police. Otoofati (Jamshid Hashempour), the theatre manager, returns from his trip and becomes aware of his connection to Farrokh, as both shared fascist inclinations. Vesali, through reading Farrokh’s diary, uncovers new information and goes to Otoofati’s room to gather more intelligence, engaging in a heated confrontation with him. Otoofati’s associates take Nafiseh hostage to retrieve the diary, but Vesali manages to escape with her after her release. While Otoofati has possession of the diary, their house becomes the target of a fire. Ultimately, Vesali, who is neither a supporter of England nor Germany, emerges victorious and finds love amid the conflicts and struggles.

Hassan Gholizade
Hasan Gholizade
Hassan Gholizade
Shirin Vahidi
Babak Bayat
Production Company
Arman Film

Cast & Crew
Farimah Farjami, Hamideh Kheirabadi, Jamshid Hashempour, Majid Mozaffari