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تنها مرد محله

The only Man in the Neighborhood | تنها مرد محله

PersianAction 113 min 1972

A group of Thugs, led by Mostafa Gavī, go to a coffeehouse, and slash the eyes of the portrait of Akbar Khan, the local wrestler, which is hung on the coffeehouse wall, with a knife. They tell the coffeehouse owner that if Akbar Khan wants his eyes back, he should come to Tehran. Akbar goes to Tehran and meets Ali, who claims he can teach him the ways and customs of deceit. Ali, who intends to deceive Akbar, eventually decides to be honest with him. Ali’s sister shows interest in Akbar, but Ali introduces Akbar to a

dancer named Shahrin. Akbar initially confronts some of Mostafa Gavī’s men and after a scuffle, faces Mostafa Gavī, defeating him and humbling him. Afterward, Akbar returns to his hometown with Ali’s sister.

Davood Esmaeeli
Reza Aghili
Kamal Motiee
Reza Mirlohi
Arsham Ghahramanyan
Production Company
Rex Cinema and Theatre Co

Cast & Crew
Ezzatollah Ramezanifar, Farangis Forohar, Hossein Shahab, Mohammad Ali Zarandi, Morteza Aghili, Pouri Banayi, Reza Hajian, Yadollah Shirandami