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The Conspiracy | توطئه

PersianDrama 90 min 1995

Sarah and Davood, both working on making a documentary film, one night while filming, see a corpse in their alley. However, when the police arrive at the scene, the corpse is no longer there. Sarah suspects Javadi, their upstairs neighbor, who has recently lost his pregnant wife. One day, while Sarah goes to a location to film, she sees Javadi and chases him, discovering that he is collaborating with drug smugglers. Javadi’s accomplices see Sarah and capture Javadi. Davood finds a note from Javadi, indicating where Sarah is being held captive, and goes to rescue his spouse. Meanwhile, the drug smugglers, noticing Sarah and Davood’s pursuit, go to their home and take all their films. Javadi, who has killed one of the gang members at his home and escaped, seeks revenge for his wife’s death due to consuming counterfeit drugs. Together with Sarah and Davood, he goes to the drug warehouse to set it on fire, but the police have also been informed and are present at the scene, leading to the arrest of all the smugglers.

Ali Ghavitan
Ali Ghavitan
Hossein Maleki
Iraj Golafshan
Bahram Saidi
Production Company
Namayesh Film

Cast & Crew
Amin Tarokh, Farhad Jam, Naser Laghaiee, Shohreh Soltani