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تولد یک پروانه

The Birth of a Butterfly | تولد یک پروانه

PersianDrama 100 min 1997

A young teacher who has a mystical face enters the village of Lushhari to teach children. One day, while walking in the village, he came across the crying of an old village man and asked why he was crying. The old man says: My son has gone to the city for a long time and has not returned. The teacher consoles him and says don’t cry, God willing he will come back. The next day, his son will return. By repeating another story similar to this one, the people of the village gradually believe in him

Mojtaba Raei
Saeid Shapouri
Mohammad Davoudi
Hassan Hasandoust
Kambiz Roshanravan
Production Company
Sima Film

Cast & Crew
Mahmoud Nazar Alian, Rahim Jahani, Rakhshandeh Zirak, Sepideh Kafshdouz Jabari, Yashar Mahmoudi