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Tunnel | تونل

PersianWar 75 min 1993

The story revolves around a determined group of fighters who face a powerful enemy and launch a relentless assault. Despite their bravery, they suffer heavy losses and find themselves isolated and surrounded by enemy forces. However, they refuse to surrender to despair and devise a daring plan to create a narrow tunnel that becomes their lifeline to freedom from the encircling siege. The tunnel symbolizes their unwavering determination to resist and their resolve not to succumb to adversity. With careful planning, audacity, and an unwavering spirit, they carry out surprise attacks, catching the enemy off guard and orchestrating a miraculous escape from their perilous situation.

Mojtaba Raei
Ahmad Farahani
Mojtaba Raei
Hassan Alimardani
Samad Tavazoei
Mohammad Mirzamani
Production Company
Omor Cinamaei Bonyad Mostazafan va Janbazan

Cast & Crew
Abdolhassan Barzideh, Alireza Eshaghi, Farid Kashen Fallah, Mehdi Faghih, Mohsen Ghasabian