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تیغ آفتاب

Sunbeam | تیغ آفتاب

PersianCrime, Drama, Thriller 102 min 1973

Hojjat is a Police Officer, and his brother Mansur is a drug trafficker. Mansur is imprisoned, and after his release, he promises Hojjat that he will no longer engage in illegal activities. Mansur becomes acquainted with a prostitute named Mahbubeh and intends to marry her. A Group of drug traffickers led by Khalaf, and his brothers plan to eliminate Hojjat from their path. They try to sow a discard between Mansur and Hojat. Hojat is aware of Mahbubeh’s background, and her opposition to Mansur and Mahbubeh’s marriage sows seeds of animosity between the two brothers. Mansur once again gets involved in drug trafficking. Khalaf hides a quantity of heroin in Mansur’s car and informs

the police station about the incident. Mahbubeh, who is aware of this situation, informs Mansur, and ultimately, Khalaf and his group fall into the police trap.

Amir Shervan
Ahmad Najibzadeh
Ghodratullah Ehsani
Ghodratullah Ehsani
Ahdieh Badiee
Hossein Vaseghi
Manoochehr Goodarzi
Rubik Mansouri
Production Company
Rex Cinema and Theatre Co

Cast & Crew
Hamideh Kheirabadi, Mohammad Farzin, Nuri Kasrai, Rafi Madadkar, Rahim Roshanian, Saeed Rad, Yadollah Shirandami