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جان سخت

Die Hard | جان سخت

PersianDrama 85 min 1971

A young man named Ilati (played by Iraj Ghaderi) goes to the city to avenge his father’s death. In the city, Ilati encounters a worldly-wise man. This man provides him with extensive guidance on how to deal with life and shows him the world as it really is through his own perspective. The young man realizes his mistakes and follows life as it is.

Iraj Ghaderi
Fereydoun Gole
Dariush Azizi
Gurgin Gregorian
Varuzh Karapitiyan
Production Company
Asre Talaie Studio

Cast & Crew
Armais Vartani Hovsepian, Ashraf Kashani, Iraj Ghaderi, Iran Daftari, Nersi Korkia, Niloufar, Shahrouz Ramtin