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The Searcher | جستجوگر

PersianDrama 94 min 1989

Abdullah is a young fisherman who embarks on a journey to a city called ‘Masu.’ He joins a caravan, which includes the governor’s wife and her attendants, for this trip. Within the caravan, there is a chest containing precious jewels. The governor’s wife entrusts Abdullah with the responsibility of safeguarding the chest. Subsequently, a sorcerer named Hermes tries to deceive Abdullah and steal the chest, but Abdullah successfully thwarts the theft attempts, ensuring the safe arrival of the travellers to their destination.

Mohammad Motevaselani
Esmaeel Khalaj
Mihan Bahrami
Mohammad Motevaselani
Maziar Parto
Abbas Ganjavi
Farhad Fakhrodini
Production Company
Novin Film

Cast & Crew
Amin Tarokh, Dariush Arjmand, Esmaeel Khalaj, Khosrow Dastgir, Mohammad Ali Keshavarz