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جعفر خان از فرنگ برگشته

Ja’far Khan has returned from the West | جعفرخان از فرنگ برگشته

PersianComedy, Social 88 min 1987 (Iran)

Jafar Khan, the son of Haji Akbar, returns from Europe, and his father discovers with dismay his improper behavior. He realizes that he must go to great lengths to mold Jafar into the person he desires. However, the father’s efforts prove unsuccessful as the government encourages Jafar to pursue his own ideas. Jafar is assigned the task of transforming Jafarabad, now renamed to Newjaf, into an industrial city and a space for his visionary plans. The villagers become part of Jafar’s projects, contributing to the realization of his ideal society. Haji, unable to steer Jafar in the right direction, suffers a stroke upon learning of Jafar’s marriage to a foreign girl. With the advice of Haji’s son-in-law, he is taken to a treatment facility instead of a hospital. However, the psychiatrist brings him back home and takes care of him. In Haji’s absence, Jafar Khan executes his plans. With the assistance of the psychiatrist and the hospital doctor, Haji Akbar regains his health and continues to oppose Jafar’s conflicting initiatives. After causing harm to the villagers and leaving the country in turmoil, Jafar eventually departs for Europe, abandoning his homeland.

Ali Hatami
Ali Hatami
Mehrdad Fakhimi
Abbas Ganjavi
Morteza Hanane
Production Company
Arman Film

Cast & Crew
Ezzatollah Entezami, Hossein Sarshaar, Iraj Rad, Mohammad Ali Keshavarz