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Djomeh | جمعه

PersianDrama, Family 94 min 1999

An Afghan worker named Juma works in a cattle farm near Tehran and travels to the villages around his workplace every day. Until, during these visits, Juma falls in love with a girl who works as a salesperson in a store. He, who immigrated to Iran due to an emotional failure, asks his friend to propose to the girl. Although Mahmoud warns Juma that the girl’s family is against it, he goes to propose, but the girl’s family refuses to accept him.

Hassan Yektapanah
Hassan Yekta Parast
Ali Loghmani
Hassan Yekta Parast
Changiz Sayyad
Production Company
Panacit Cinematic Organization

Cast & Crew
Ehsan Daryabari, Jalil Nazari, Mahbobe Khalili, Mahmoud Behraznia, Rashid Akbari