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جهنم سبز

Green Hell | جهنم سبز

PersianDrama 96 min 1995

Hydari, the seasoned forest ranger responsible for protecting the protected jungle area, encounters some illegal hunters during one of his patrols and intends to confront them, but tragically, he is killed in the process. Elias, a young forest ranger who is also Hydari’s son-in-law, becomes concerned about Hydari’s disappearance and, along with his spouse, makes efforts to find him. During their search, Elias discovers clues that indicate Mr. Zandi, who considers himself a law enforcer and apparently owns a woodworking workshop, is responsible for guiding the animal traffickers in the jungle. Elias, who is after the rogue hunters and Hydari’s killers, manages to locate their hideout, but they wound him and take his spouse hostage. By tracking them through the jungle, Elias rescues his spouse and brings the traffickers to justice for their actions.

Esmail Barari
Naser Shamloo
Hossein Maleki
Iraj Golafshan
Bahram Dehghanyar
Production Company
Farabi Cinema Foundation

Cast & Crew
Jafar Dehghan, Kamran Bakhtar, Mirmohammad Tajaddod Firouz, Reza Safaei Puor, Veliollah Momeni